The TBB sample Collection

The demand for high-quality and clinically annotated biospecimens is increasing, primarily due to the unprecedented level of biomarker analysis and personalized medicine research activities going on.


Aim of TBB is to provide the scientific community with high-quality tissue for research purposes by performing optimum tissue collection, storage and documentation. TBB is supported by the clinical pathology division and the expertise of PD Dr. Tilman Rau.


Since August 2016, TBB services are managed under TRU (Translational Research Unit). TRU manages both queries and requests related to fresh frozen material and collaborative projects using tissue microarrays. 32’285 tissue samples from more than 8’300 patients are currently stored in -80°C freezers in TBB. From January to October 2016, the TBB has collected 3292 samples from 1107 cases, with the support of our clinical pathology medical and technical staff.  

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