By giving your consent, you are contributing to the further development of medical research. Thank you very much.

Your research contribution

In recent years, medical research has resulted in considerable advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Research at the Inselspital has allowed doctors and scientists to contribute to the progression of medical care and thus to improve the overall quality of life of the population for many years now.


Further progress can only be achieved by carrying out more high-quality studies. This is only possible if we ensure the availability of sample material of the highest quality standards. Therefore, we would kindly like to ask for your consent to take one additional blood sample from you during your stay at the Inselspital.


Your consent is voluntary. You can revoke your consent at any time. Your decision will not affect your medical treatment in any way. Take all the time you need to make your decision.


 If you have any questions or require further details, please contact your physician or the address below.


Insel Gruppe AG

Directorate of Teaching and Research

CH-3010 Bern

Telephone +41 31 632 58 45

e-mail: einwilligungserklaerung-forschung@insel.ch


You can revoke your consent at any time without giving any reason. Your biological material and health-related data may no longer be used for research purposes from this point onwards.

e-mail: einwilligungserklaerung-forschung@insel.ch