The institutional liquid biobank collection

The institutional liquid biobank collects and stores samples of bodily fluids, especially blood, with their respective clinical patient data for the future use in research projects. Samples are processed and stored in a highly automated and standardized manner within the biobank infrastructure in the center for laboratory medicine of the university institute for clinical chemistry of the Inselspital.


The LBB was built to aid the progression of biomedical research sustainably by supplying samples of exceptional quality in regards to international standards and thereby improve the prediction, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and understanding of the underlying mechanisms of various diseases.

Reglement of the Liquid Biobank Bern (in German)
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Feasibility Request and Sample order

Feasibility Request / Sample Order
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Main and secondary diagnosis of Patients with plasma-, Serum- and dna-samples in the liquid biobank by gender

Main diagnosis of patients with plasma-, serum- and DNA-Samples in the Liquid Biobank by gender

Main diagnosis of patients with a liqu0r-sample in the liquid biobank by gender