biobank Bern

A biobank is a collection of biological samples with their associated data. Samples that are stored in medical biobanks typically consist of tissues, cells, blood and other bodily fluids as well as any kind of DNA containing material of human origin.


The data and the samples of the biobank Bern are available to researchers on the condition that they are working on projects that have been approved by the deanery for science and research. The overall aim in these studies is the improvement of prediction, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and the understanding of the underlying mechanisms of various diseases.

Biobank Bern is a joint effort of the liquid biobank, Inselspital (university hospital Bern) and the tissue biobank (Institute for pathology, university of Bern). Both biobanks are under the guidance of the same steering committee and meet the requirements of the Swiss human research act in terms of sample collection and storage.


Liquid Biobank Bern - LBB

In the liquid biobank Bern (LBB) samples of bodily fluids are managed and stored for the use in future or currently running research projects.


While the Inselspital Bern provides the LBB infrastructure, its operation is carried out through the institute for clinical chemistry. The LBB was built by the Inselspital Bern in an effort to make a contribution to biomedical research by supplying samples of the highest quality standards.


Tissue Bank Bern - TBB

The Tissue Bank Bern (TBB) is a human diseased-related, solid tissue bio-repository. The aim of the Tissue Bank Bern (TBB) is to provide researchers with access to high quality human tissue samples and related data for research conform to the Human Research Swiss laws and the Swiss Biobanking Platform standards.


The TBB is operated by the Institute of Pathology as joint facility of the University of Bern and the Inselspital. The TBB manages tissue samples and patient information from the Inselspital and other hospitals in the area of the Institute of Pathology.


Patient Information

Patients of the Inselspital can contribute to the progression of medical research by giving their consent to include their biological samples into the biobank.