biobank Bern

Biobanks are collections of biological samples with associated medical data. Typically, human tissue samples, cells, blood and other fluids, and DNA samples are stored in medical biobanks.


These samples and data can be provided to researchers for approved Projects. The aim is to improve the prediction, prevention, diagnosis and therapy of human medicine. Furthermore, underlying mechanisms of diseases can be researched with the collected samples and data.


The Biobank Bern is an alliance of the Liquid Biobank, Inselspital, Universityhospital Bern and the Tissue Bank, Institute for Pathology, Bern University. Both biobanks are guided by an identical steering committee. They collect and store samples according to the requirements of the Swiss Human Research Act.


Liquid Biobank Bern - LBB

The Liquid Biobank Bern manages and stores liquid samples like blood for the use of future research projects.


The LBB is an infrastructure set up by the Inselspital and operated by the Institute for Clinical Chemistry to facilitate biomedical research by supplying patient samples of high quality standard.

Tissue Bank Bern - TBB

The TBB manages tissue samples and patient information from the Inselspital and other hospitals in the area of the Institute of Pathology, University of Bern according to the Human Research Act and international guidelines.

The TBB is operated by the Institute of Pathology as joint facility of the University of Bern and the Inselspital.


Patient Information

Patients of the Inselspital can contribute to the further development of medical research by giving their consent.